18k0w472evv2pjpgSo here it is Mother’s Day Weekend…guess who’s doing nothing, getting nothing, and going nowhere?? Yep, me. It’s my own fault I suppose. Being with someone who doesn’t think that celebrating any holiday related to you and love is important. I seem to always be the one to get celebrated on an “off day” or on a day of no relevance and at the time in particular, it’s not even a day of “Just Because…” it’s a day of ” I couldn’t when I was supposed to…” I’m so sick and tired of being in this same situation EVERY single year and on every single day of importance.

You have been with me FOREVER! I still have to go through the same BULLSHIT YEAR AFTER YEAR and all I get is a fucking “I’m sorry…” I wish to God that this dude could feel how I feel on a daily basis. It just doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever.

How do you expect someone to be “intimate” and loving towards you when all you get offered to you is Sex. THAT’S ALL! It’s always an EXCUSE! All the GOTDAYUM TIME! I’m so sick and tired and sick and tired that I don’t know what in the HELL to do! Why is it that this shit is always going on on a consistent basis and this mofo can’t understand why I’m upset and Ill all the damn time. HOW DO YOU NOT NOTICE IT AND NOT CARE???!! He doesn’t give a shit about it.

Tomorrow will be Mother’s Day, Hell Monday will be a new day and this day will be forgotten for him and for me it will be another one that I’ll remember being utterly disappointed and disgusted at him for this yet again another year that I’m not celebrated by my spouse. Now this dude wants me to jump up to take him to buy me a card and he’s been knowing all week that this day was coming. He’s had time to do this. I wish I would jump up and do that shit. That will piss me off even more. You gone go out and get me a card the day before the day?????? I was just talking aobut this last night and told him that I’m always “The After Thought…” and I am….how do you not care about my feelings? All you think about is your fucking DICK. Fuck yo dick. I don’t want the shit. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I’m so over being married to this dude. He AIN’T SHIT! I swear if there was a rewind button, I’d keep all my kids the same and have a different person to raise them with. Especially a man that complemented me. This dude don’t match me in no way, shape, or form. They say you get what you attract, ain’t no way in hell I attracted this shit. SMMFH. I can only pray that one day I have the strength to leave or that he changes. I know I’m not perfect, but I do know that  I deserve better than this!!! So sick of this…..



You damn sho’ll ain’t….





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